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Very attentive service. Thank you for your professional advice for both eyebrows and hairline embroidery. I really like it. Looking forward for Jolie B's next new service!

很细心及很贴心的服务。谢谢你的专业意见。不管是眉毛还是发际线纹绣,我都很喜欢。期待 Jolie B 下一项新服务!

- W.Huei , Singapore

I am very pleased with Jolie B's trustworthy beautician. I went for Micro Needing Face Therapy with 2 imported ampoules and double mask. The progress of the treatment is very gently done by using ampoules with very fine filter needles, together with the machine itself. Somewhat like massaging my face, not painful at all. 

I’ve been facing large pores and dull skin. I’m surprised the outcome of the treatment helps to minimize appearance of pores and reduces blackheads. My skin became smoother and brighter as well.

我对Jolie B的美容师非常满意,值得信赖。我做了微针脸部净化美白护理,过程用了2个进口安瓿和双层面膜。治疗的过程是轻柔地使用非常精细的机器微针,在我的脸上植入安瓿精华液。有点像在按摩我的脸,没有疼痛的感觉。 一直以来,我面对毛孔粗大和皮肤暗沉的问题。我很惊讶,治疗的效果既然减少了我毛孔粗大的问题,黑头、粉刺也减少了。我的皮肤也变得越来越光滑。

- Jasmine , Johor Bahru

I have always afraid of pain so I do not dare to try tattooing/embroidery till a friend recommended Jolie B to me. The process of eyebrow embroidery is not painful and the good service really make me feel worth it. I will definitely come back again!


- Mark , Johor Skudai

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